The Natives Rouseabout

NatCon 24: Sam’s “Coming Home” speech

Recorded at the dinner of the Australian Natives’ Association national convention in Queensland, 2024. Transcript: When looking at the lineup of speakers today it was hard to find something relevant totalk about that I didn’t learn from them, or from … Read More

Early Settlement in New South Wales

Michael and Grant discuss early settlement in NSW, its relevance to contemporary politics, Australian identity.

Lang and Campbell – The Depression and the New Guard

Michael and Grant discuss the rivalry between Jack Lang, the Labor Movement and Campbell’s Conservative/Fascist New Guard Movement during the Great Depression in New South Wales.

Andrew ‘Banjo’ Paterson Birthday Special

In this episode, Michael and Grant commemorate Banjo Paterson’s 160th birthday with a breakdown of some of his life story, some of his works, and a general reflection on Australian identity and its value in this day.

Loads of Money – Budgeting, Career Skills & More

Hear from Grant, Nick and Tristan about practical skills in budgeting, finance and career. Sick of wasting money on T-Bone steaks? Try a Devon Sandwich!

Inflation, Housing, Downturn & Opportunity

In this episode Grant is joined by Tristan and Paul from the Queensland Branch to discuss the economy at large and how it will affect the average punter. Topics discussed include Interest Rates & Inflation, Housing Affordability, Superannuation, Taking Advantage … Read More

Long Term vs Short Term Thinking and Brazillification

In this episode Grant, Jono, Tom and Tony discuss and contrast decision-making, politics and organisations in relation to Australia’s long-slide into becoming a country not too dissimilar to Brazil.

Our Heritage on the Land

In this episode Jono, Ben and Grant discuss camping, hunting, self reliance and our nativist duty to soil.

The Fall of Singapore & Policy Implications for Australia Post WW2

In this episode Jono runs us through the fall of Singapore and how this impacted our post-WW2 foreign policy. Guests included Jason, Daniel and Kyle.

Kill-Shots, Lockdown, Snitches & Organisational Solutions

In this episode Grant, Kyle and Darius discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and all things in-between.