Our Structure

Our Structure

Prioritising Transparent Constitutional Governance

We’re building an accountable organisation for the generations to come. This means prioritising constitutional governance, and transparency at all levels. We’re here for you, and we’re here for the long haul.

National & Branch Governance

ANA National and the various ANA Local Branches are all run by elected committees at their respective levels. The National Committee is elected by all ANA members, while Local Branch Committees are elected by their branch membership. National and Local Branch committee members stand for election every year, as to maintain the confidence of the general membership, and provide the opportunity for young and motivated minds to put up their hands and cultivate the practical skills of leadership and management. ANA National and the various ANA Local Branches are all bound by their respective constitutions. These constitutions are regularly ratified by members of either the specific local branch, or of the ANA as a whole in the case of ANA National.

ANA National

ANA National forms the National Head of the association, guiding national direction and facilitating everything from inter-branch cooperation through to branch formation. Run by our National Committee made up of trusted members from various local branches, and elected annually at the ANA National's Annual General Meeting. The National Committee comprises of the National Governor, Vice-Governor, Treasurer, Secretary and a tie-break role.

Local Branches

Local Branches form the body of the association, allowing for real fraternity of members through local meetups. Local branches ensure that member contributions go directly to their community. Run by Local Branch Committees made up of trusted members. Elections are typically held at each Branches respective Annual General Meeting. Local Branch Committee positions typically include Branch Governor, Vice-Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, as well as a tie-break role.