Membership FAQ

The exact membership process of the association varies dependent upon which state branch an individual is seeking to join.

The initial process begins with the completion of our Membership Application Form.

Once this application form has been received, it will be carefully reviewed by the relevant branch’s membership committee (or if there is no relevant branch, by ANA National). Following this, the membership committee may reach out for additional information if so required.

Typically, if your application form is deemed acceptable, the relevant membership committee will seek to engage in a short dialogue before scheduling a character assessment interview. This exact process may vary from branch to branch.

The Australian Natives’ Association is an association of native-born Australian men of good moral character.

Association members are to be aged 18 years or older.

Under federal and state law, it may be illegal to discriminate against people based upon attributes such as sex, gender, age, race, nationality or sexuality. As such, there is question as to whether an association such as the Australian Natives’ Association could legally restrict its membership to White Australian-born Men.

As such, the ANA does not formally restrict its membership this way. Membership eligibility is based upon a set of entirely unrelated and undisclosed membership criteria, as well as the outcome of an in-person interview.

By conducting an in-person interview, the association can ensure that new members are aligned with our values and principles, and are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all members. This additional layer of the application process is essential for protecting the well-being of existing members and maintaining the integrity of the association as a whole.

The safety, security and wellbeing of existing members is a top priority of the ANA, and the requirement of an in-person interview allows for a more thorough screening process.

Members are expected to abide by and subscribe to our Charter of Principles. Individual branches may have additional Codes of Conduct that their members must abide by.

Individual branches may also enforce minimum meeting attendance requirements for members, however these requirements will be branch specific, with leeway provided for those who may be ‘geographically challenged’ or have other unique situations.

As an example, the Victorian Branch requires that ‘members attend a minimum of four monthly meetings per annum (from January of the current year)’. They also require members ‘not miss 3 consecutive meetings without submitting an RSVP.

Members are generally expected to regularly contribute financially to their branch of the organisation, even if only marginally.

Members can elect the amount that they would like to contribute to the organisation. The two most common contribution amounts are $50/month and $25/month, with many contributing more than this, and many contributing less.

Certain branches may have minimum contribution requirements, however these requirements will be branch specific.

Membership fees are payable to your local branch, and spent/saved as per the direction of your elected local Branch Committee.

As our association seeks to provide full transparency to our members, all members have the right to view the expenses of the association. This ensures that your local Branch Committee is responsible with branch funds, and that they act in line with the wishes of the branch membership.

General branch expenses include:

  • Social Expenses (Venue Hire, Dinners, BBQs, etc.)
  • Equipment Purchases (Camping Equipment, Kayaks, etc.)

A small portion of local branch funds are additionally distributed to ANA National to assist with the general expenses of the organisation.

As our branches are structured as incorporated associations, any misuse or theft of branch funds by local branch treasures or branch committee may constitute fraud, allowing legal recourse for our members, and the concern of legal action for potential wrong-doers.

The ANA is continually expanding. If your interested in joining the ANA, but there isn’t a branch near you, you may either:

  • Seek to open a branch in your location.
  • Let us know that you would like to be contacted when a branch opens in your location.

For both options, please reach out to our National Committee through the Join Us page.

Simply fill out your details, selecting ‘Other’ as the branch option, and state your interest in opening a branch, or in being contacted when one opens in your area.

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The ANA is continually expanding. If your interested in opening a branch, it’s likely that we are already in discussions with others near you about the process. To get involved, please reach out to our National Committee through the Join Us page.

Simply fill out your details, selecting ‘Other’ as the branch option, and state that your interested in opening a branch. Following this, members of the National Committee will be in touch, where we can outline the full process.

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