Charter of Principles

Charter of Principles

The Charter

The six points below were established to guide the direction of the Australian Natives' Association, and outline the objectives and aims of the organisation.

1. The maintenance and advancement of the welfare of a naturalised, European-descent national community, that is to say: the advancement and welfare of Australians.

2. The development of institutions of charity, commerce and industry in Australia which advance the welfare, security, and dignity of Australians.

3. Recognition and encouragement of high ideals of national life and character, and the stimulation of Australian literature, arts, science, conservation and industry.

4. The advancement and defence of lives well lived for members in which employment, family, good health, hobbies, friends, community, citizenship, study, politics, and religion are all embraced and integrated into a cohesive, balanced, and meaningful living existence.

5. The advancement of and defence of the constitutional model of our organisation, in which leadership is accountable, finances are transparent, bonafide members have basic rights to appeal and mediation, and in which the associations ends are for honourable and charitable purposes.

6. The promotion of traditional Australian culture in which all men are treated frankly with basic dignity. Where men are accountable for the leadership, care and welfare of their wives, children, and families. Where men live lives free from vice, leaving behind them a legacy of honour.