About the Natives’ Association

The Australian Natives’ Association (ANA) was a mutual society founded in Melbourne, Australia in April 1871 as the Victorian Natives’ Association.  It has since then played an instrumental role in the development of Australia, both by driving policy change for state and federal governments but also by the maintenance of a parallel institution of charity and insurance for Australian natives. A more detailed history is available here.

The ANA was a driving force behind federation, and the creation of a single, unified border which could be used to stem the tide of Chinese migration into Australia, which throughout the mid-late 19th century caused significant stress for Australian industrial workers and gold-miners. The ANA historically too established in its traditions a policy for the betterment of the social, financial and moral health of its members.  Today we use the slogan “Our Own For Our Own” to enshrine our core values; that without reliance on others, we seek to the betterment and advancement of our community.

In 2015 it was the mission of some Canberra citizens to re-establish a fraternal organisation in the image and spiritual loyalty to the original members of the Australian Natives’ Association which has progressively ceased to exist over the last 30 years. The Natives’ Association has since been pleased to branch into Melbourne and Brisbane, with large chapters, constantly growing in a nation that is more and more crying out for remedies to the detriment caused by the social alienation of native born Australians through globalisation, mass immigration and the moral and social decline of the nation. 


The Australian Natives’ Association advocates for the welfare of the Australian nation, which we believe, (as did the founders of the Commonwealth) is a distinct, ethnocultural community that is of European, principally British ethnic stock. We assert, without contempt or malice for others, that the Australian nation has a right to exist and have dominion over the Australian continent, which was found principally unoccupied, was won by hard labour and held against foreign aggression with the bloodstock of the young of our nation at the start of the 20th century.  The sacrifices made both in blood and labour for this country give the Australian nation a morally sound, irrevocable claim to the land. 

Strategic Goals

The Australian Natives’ Association aims to cultivate anti-fragile institutions that allow for (1) The creation of a meaningful sense of community through group activities, personal development and commitments to mutual aid (2) The development and accumulation of legal, economic and political resources that can be used to advance the interests of members, (3) Unapologetic advocacy for the Australian position (4) The security and continuity of our ethnicity regardless of trajectory of the Commonwealth and the states. 

We are not a political party or an ‘activist organisation’, and although there may be merit to either of those operations, the resources of the association are allocated elsewhere until such a time as we find them fruitful. 

Constitutional Governance

The Natives’ Association branches are run by elected committees of trusted members in good-standing who stand for election every year to maintain the confidence of the membership and the opportunity for young and motivated minds to put their hand up to cultivate the practical skills of leadership and management. The Association has complete transparency to members in the handling and use of financial resources in addition to the transparent and equitable resolution of disputes between members (albeit they are rare). 

Mutual Benefits

In addition to personal acts of charity between members, the organisational membership contribute to and benefit from the systems of assistance enabled by our organisation. The below list are some key items of aid to current members in good standing.

New Family Support
(First child to a betrothed or married couple in good standing)
Re-Employment Training Loan
(Loan for the re-skilling for the purpose of finding employment)