The Australian Natives’ Association (ANA) was a mutual society founded in MelbourneAustralia in April 1871 as the Victorian Natives’ Association.  It has since then played an instrumental role in the development of Australia, both by driving policy change for state and federal governments but also by the maintenance of a parallel institution of charity and insurance for Australian natives.

The A.N.A was a driving force behind federation, and the creation of a single, unified border which could be used to stem the tide of Chinese migration into Australia, which throughout the mid-late 19th century caused significant stress for Australian industrial workers and gold-miners. The A.N.A historically too established in its traditions a policy for the betterment of the social, financial and moral health of its members.  Today we use the slogan “Every man a king in his own castle, every native a pillar in his community” to enshrine our core values; that every man should be the head of his family, he should be a morally responsible pillar in his local community.

The Australian Natives Association once had a membership in the tens of thousands, and it was only during the sexual and political revolutions of the 1960s that it was discarded by the post-war boomer generation, leaving behind only the empty shell of an insurance company ( which later merged with Manchester Unity ) ; In 2015 it was the mission of some Canberra citizens to re-establish a fraternal organisation in the image and spiritual loyalty to the original members of the Australian Natives Association; and it has been operating ever since – finally in 2018 with the opportunity to formally incorporate and see to the establishment of very real charitable infrastructure to charitably care for our members and the wider Australian native community.

We hope you would follow our organisation and learn more about the traditions beset by honest Australian natives of European descent; and take part in the great spiritual continuation of the Australian Natives Association and see to the health and benefit of your fellow Australian brothers and to cultivate an honourable continuation of Australian high culture.

What We Do

The A.N.A exists as an incorporated fraternal organisation for the production of a strong sense of community between its members;  We aid each-other in life through courses on character development, going on hikes and camping trips, helping each-other find employment and develop stronger careers, meeting up regularly for dinner parties and social meetings.

We are not a political party or an ‘activist organisation’

The Independence of the Natives Association

The Australian Natives Association is a strictly independent and sovereign association;  We do however cherish friendship with other organisations who share our goals.

Mutual Benefit

Members of the ANA contribute to and benefit from the systems of assistance enabled by our organisation. The below list are some key items of aid to current members in good standing.

New Family Support
(First child to a betrothed or married couple in good standing)
Re-Employment Training Loan
(Loan for the re-skilling for the purpose of finding employment)