On Australian Identity

“Australia” as a nation is truly a European-born construct, therefore an ‘Aboriginal’ cannot be an Australian, He is an inseparable member to a tribe or nation which by blood and culture define his true identity and place in the world.

‘Australian’ identity is not handed out to people by merit of living upon this soil, ‘Australian’ identity is inseparable from the English-speaking European descent peoples whom colonised this land and forged a unique cultural and ethnic identity.

No Asian, African or Pacific Islander can be an Australian, they may very well live on this soil – but they by no means can ever truly identify as an Australian: Our identity is inseparable from history, culture and genealogy.

It is amongst the goals of the ANA to highlight the true nature of Australian Identity. This naturally will be opposed by the institutions of power that bear the whip-hand over our nation; it serves a purpose for big business that true Australian identity would be erased to give way to a more “multi-ethnic, multi-cultural” civil identity where being Australian is as simple as having a piece of paper, a “passport” that says so. This all ultimately for the purpose of inundating the country with cheap, easily exploited scab labour.

There will be a series of writings based on Australia’s founding literature to defend and re-establish the case for identifying true Australian identity and faux, cosmopolitan identity.