National Convention 2022

On the evening of the 151st year of the Australian Natives’ Association, The Canberra & Melbourne chapters of the organisation met once again, as is now tradition on the banks of the Murray river to reflect on the victories of the association and consider the path ahead for the coming years.

Following a visit to our now, vigorously growing wattle tree: some time was spent reflecting on the fact that the tree had spiritually represented the association – that it had taken greater root in its soil and it had not only remained standing amongst the harsh weather, wind and public hazard – but had grown significantly, it had branched out and casted new shade over the park in which it sits.

The national convention is a great opportunity for people from far away and various walks of life to meet in a social setting in order to build meaningful, life-long relationships between fellow Australians. Much was said on this subject aboard the raft of speeches on the night it was stressed by the Canberra Governor M. Grant that the political, social and community struggle endured by the ANA is life-long and that all members must throw in together to see to the mutual assistance of their fellow association members.

It was said that all members ought to live honest and full lives, and that despite the hardships of modernity this was possible, especially for those in the association. It was raised that men in the ANA should strive to a higher standard of character, inclusive of the principle that all men (even aliens) should be treated with basic dignity unless they have proven themselves worthy of something less. Beyond this some time was spent discussing the constitutional form of Government in the ANA and how this has been adhered to learning from the understood lessons of the past. Our model upheld with an interest in maintaining a future for the association that lives beyond any particular popular personalities.

Jason, the Victorian Secretary spoke on the hardships facing the nation and provided everyone with a reminder of the importance to stick together and provide aid to each other in these times. Adam the Victorian Governor spoke on the great strides their new branch had made in the last year and provided an encouraging forecast for future growth and the advancement of the welfare of its membership.

Following a night of fun and comradery, the morning ANZAC Dawn Service & March was attended by all members of the ANA to have regard for the heritage for which our soldiering ancestors fought for.

With regards to all members who did not make it along this year, we hope to see you in the next.