Henry B. Higgins Award

Australians historically are known as a sentimental people; We love our country, our heritage and the adventurous challenge for survival on our continent.

The H. B. Higgins award was discussed amongst many well-minded Australians to provide the conduit for Australian content producers such as writers, artists and musicians to compete for recognition and financial benefits for their work. Our fundamental outlook is to encourage the completion of new and relevant Australian material for the continued flowering of Australian culture.

The namesake of the award; Henry B. Higgins was the famous justice who presided over the harvester decision, a great Australian who made a defense and articulation of Australian idealism to the whole world. His boldness and wisdom continues to encourage Australian Nativists to this day.

We believe there are a large quantity of skilled Australians out there who struggle to ‘complete a project’, their piece of art, literature or music just cant get past the finish line for lack of motivation. Our encouragement by offering cash prizes is hoped to give those artists the motivation they need to get over the line and finish a product with the hope of winning something at the end. In this process of motivating creators, we should hopefully find a whirlwind of new and glorious Australian material to share and cherish together.

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