Entryism, Character & Political Utility

Australia cannot be re-taken by lobbying & electioneering activities – If any group massed enough money and influence that it could ‘out-lobby’  international finance capital – it would have enough power on its own to form its own government, and have the force-legitimacy to forge a new country.

Do not be persuaded into the many, un-ending attempts to ‘branch-stack’ or ‘take-over’ a pre-existing political instrument, such as the Young Liberals, or the National party. These entities play a tremendously smart game of acting vulnerable to takeover.

Well-meaning Australians join  these instruments, with the intention of a ‘silent’ take-over; they find themselves months and years into behind-the-scenes influence building by actually campaigning for people in these parties; handing out letters, manning polling booths, raising funds & doing general activism – If after all this work they find themselves in a position of power,  In almost all cases they will now be at a position of defeat: They will not be willing to risk throwing out years of effort getting to that position in order just to ‘say something edgy.’ – they convince themselves that they are playing the ‘smart’ ‘long-game’ and will incrementally move the Overton window ‘more to the Right(tm).’

Consider for a moment, where that energy might have gone if they had done something honestly from the beginning, done a form of activism without any deception or ‘long-game politically correct optics.’ The parties get smarter as time goes on, they find people who are ‘influencing’ these take-over actions and offer them paid positions: ‘Staffer’, ‘Campaign Manager’ – they make people financially dependent upon the whim of the political party. Thus silencing them and making them an instrument of the party.

Who would risk their own families livelihood just to ‘speak out’ in truthful terms on a political issue? Not many have that kind of iron courage – especially the pedigree of people who thought a party take-over was a good idea in the first place!

So what can we do? We can’t take over a political party – for indeed as you can see: The political party takes over you. The next logical thought is to engage in street activism; slamming up posters of intense political message out there; to drive the overton window further in a desired direction, perhaps putting on the impression of public dissent at the decisions being made at the top: Even more compelling; to follow George Lincoln Rockwell’s advice and use extremely edgy marketing strategies (perhaps a Swastika) to force the media to give coverage to your ideas.

This strategy of intensity marketing has been practiced to varying success over the decades; in more recent time you have had the likes of antipodean resistance making headlines for their Truthbombs on paper-print. What has it accomplished? What reputation have they established for themselves as an organisation? You would forgive me to throw them under the bus for a moment and refer to them as edgy teenagers. It seems the domain of this pedigree of activism principally stays in younger white men between 15-20 years old who have yet to produce any roots in the Australian soil; who enjoy the adrenaline rush that shock-marketing brings and they rightfully find it very meaningful for their urbanite frame of reference for life.

Meaningful political action in my view falls into the realm of wielding meaningful power and influence over a region of the country. ‘Shock marketing’ activism has its place, but its by no means a good starting point for the actual survival of an ethnic group.

Fraternal Organisations such as the A.N.A once upon a time founded the bedrock of nation builders. Providing the opportunity for starry-eyed young patriotic Australians to be instructed in good character, taught trade-skills and given opportunities to advance in life. In the 1870s and 1880s the managerial class, legal profession and parliamentary class were all foreign-born individuals with the proverbial ‘silver spoon.’ – English usually; ‘From the Old Country.’ as it were. For this reason amongst others: the ANA took to the cause of raising up a generation of solid Australian men of enduring character, worthy of respect and natural prestige.

What can be the impact of a few street activists on welfare? Or perhaps luckily working at Woolworths stacking shelves? I should trust you to answer that question in comparison to the potential influence and meaningful power that could be expressed by salt-of the earth patriarchs; local men of the community who uphold their own businesses and community instrumentation such as youth clubs, charities, churches & gyms.

Should it not be then the principal cause of our organisation to see that we take these young, well-meaning men and forge them into patriarchs of venerable character & meaningful influence in their community?

Instead of wasting their time in jail for property offences, their souls rotting away on Government handouts in some kind of ‘White man’s urban slum‘ – The ANA principally sees to the beneficial employment of its members; the advancement of good character and fulfillment in life more generally; to actually build that class of men who are capable of aiding the cause of White Australians: A ‘Cadre’ of Australian men.

As Che Guevera wrote ; “The cadre person is creative, a leader of high standing, technician with a good political level, who by reasoning dialectically can advance his sector of production, or develop the masses from his position of political leadership. This exemplary human being, apparently cloaked in difficult-to-achieve virtues, is nonetheless present among the people of Cuba, and we find him daily. The essential thing is to grasp all the opportunities that there are for developing him to the maximum, for educating him, for drawing from each personality the greatest usefulness and converting it into the greatest advantage for the nation.”

Local community politics is the most fruitful starting place for Australian nationalism & nativist cultural causes. The most meaningful impact can be had in a targeted; smaller area – this forming a snowball effect with an outward growth of our cause instead of attempting to tackle the whole scale of Australia in a single move. Our men should dedicate themselves to advancing their career and family life, becoming integral pillars of their community.

Countryside Australia presents a rare opportunity to this generation – housing is affordable and the impact a single man can have is far greater; as the ratio between him and his surrounding community is in far more favourable scale; 30 Australianists in a town of 500 people can have a far greater impact than 30 Australianists in a city of 500,000 or a million people.

The ANA does not exclusively endorse a rural agenda; but I personally make strong argument in favour of it – having been a benefactor of the strategy. Why live in a congested concrete jungle filled with globe-trotting consumerists living on the basis of where they find the most money, when you could be living freely on the prairie; In close kinship with the soil: Have you not read Patterson’s words “The  townsfolk have no time to grow, they have no time to waste.”?

The proverbial ‘hamster wheel’ of street activism, ‘shock marketing’ and having your lowest common denominator street rallies against Muslims seem to me a dead horse. All great fruits: the ‘political projects’ must stem from the original tree – a solid class of Australian men, who wield influence and capacity to do the work that needs to be done; and for this you must dedicate the organisational cause to the cultivation of these men.

M. K. Grant