Winding back the Clock on Radicalism & Extremism

All staunch Nationalists persistently struggle with the temptation to embrace the boogeyman identity which our political opponents paint us with. Does it not strike up inner satisfaction when you fearlessly take upon the tarnished label that has been cast at you? We hate to be back-footed, to live in fear of a label and so many have taken the natural course of action which is to wear the label as a radical and an extremist, and this has become so well set in people have begun to self-identify with these labels even when they are not accurate or necessarily true.

Culturally we are due for a review of this state of affairs. By no means should we cower in fear of being labelled, but on the same hand it serves no fruitful purpose to self-identify and embrace the boogeyman identity which has been constructed by the media and our political enemies. That serves the strategic interest of the enemy.

The true strategically tact, morally correct and honest way forward as a culture is to recognise that Australian Nativist Nationalism is a highly reasonable, morally sound political and cultural worldview. It is not intrinsically extreme, or radical – it is founded upon Australia’s political heritage, at its bedrock is the common law, constitutionalism and legislative concepts once passed unanimously by our nation’s first federated parliament.

We should not get bogged down and distracted by arguments about how we are labelled, our efforts are better spent in advancing our cause and our beliefs – So let us continue the courageous march without losing sight of reasonable argument, grounded in morally sound belief.

M. K. Grant

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