The Riskiest Thing You Can Do is Nothing

One of the main things that stops people getting involved in nationalism is the risk. What if I get doxxed? What if my life is ruined? The conclusion these blokes reach is that it’s far too risky to get involved with a group, and the better thing to do is just hit the gym as an individual and build up a good career. In this post I want to suggest that these people have come to a completely wrong conclusion. The riskiest approach you can take to living your life is not joining a group, it’s sitting back and doing nothing as an individual.

I believe that the main issue here is time preference. It is true that joining a group increases the risk of you losing some goods now – you could be outed as a nationalist to people who don’t share our views and so lose a job or a friend. On the other hand, you also have some immediate benefits, if you join the ANA, in gaining friends and employment opportunities, as well as adding your talents to an incredibly important cause that you personally believe in. Already at this level there is a reasonable balance of risk and reward.

Now consider your situation ten or twenty years down the track facing a world that is potentially a whole lot more hostile to white people than it is now. If you stayed an individual with friends and employers hostile to your secret beliefs, you have no support network to fall back on, no one to defend you against attack, no one to help you build a future for your family where they can be safe. Just look at South Africa or Brazil. No matter how bad it gets, there will be white people who either remain blind to reality or are still stuck thinking that it’s safer to just look out for themselves as an individual, which works quite well – right until your enemies finally come for you. They with everything, you with nothing. Right in those last moments, you’ll realise that the riskiest thing you could have done was not joining a group.

The riskiest thing was doing nothing. Join the ANA today.

Elias Priestly

ANA Victoria