‘The New Plant’

The Australian Natives Association has a strong focus on the cultivation of Australian culture, that is that ‘European-descent’ cultural development that has taken place in Australia since the first fleet.

This brief poem, ascribes the general summary of our belief in this regard: A ‘seed’ which grew on a European tree and fell to the ground landed in Australian soil. In the Australian soil she grew up in a new place, with a new set of circumstances. This new plant has its own perspective upon the world, it’s own place in the world and its own unique path for survival and propagation.

Just as a young sapling can be suffocated by the large roots of its parent tree, too can Australia’s cultural development be suffocated by the roots of Europe. Though we owe Europe our birth, our genealogy and many of our traditions there is a need to cultivate our own culture and politic which is relevant to the Australian circumstance and acts in the interests of Australians; instead of the interests of the ‘old-world’

The Australian Natives Association calls for the assimilation of European-descent men in this country, that they take root in this soil, plant their families in the future of this nation.  Growing a strong sense of romance and dedication to the soil which nourishes them, truly becoming Australians with the Australian outlook.