Remembering ANZAC

The blood of this nation was poured out all over foreign conflicts that did not concern us. The youth and vigour of the country has never recovered. Think of the lives of all of these men; who otherwise might have gone on to be great heroes of our nation in other conquests of the bush. Who might have been the backbone of the development and maintenance of the interior: they were lost and gone; their families folded; widows left to struggle on – children reared without adequate fatherhood and subject to the stresses of modernity.

Every year it seems the celebration for ANZAC day becomes more and more pomp and show, yet every year the nation strays further and further from the founding articles of this country for which the soldiers fought and died. Is it really honouring the fallen holding these celebrations?

Thank-you for the freedom to degradate society into a self-indulgent, multi-racial, hedonistic sexual Gomorrah? 

Could we look at them in the eye and tell them honestly: This is what you fought for. They might have pointed their rifles at something else instead.