Home to the original branch No 1 of 1871, Melbourne was the birthplace of the original Victorian Natives’ Association which grew to become the Australian Natives’ Association. As such, our branch has a profound heritage which we strive to live up to so that we can once again reach the heights of glory that the original branch achieved. In April 2021, Melbourne once again became home to a chapter of the ANA – the chief objects being the establishment of a community for Australian men, advocacy for Australian ideals, and the advancement of the social and moral wellbeing of members. While we are centred in Melbourne, we also currently serve as the branch for rural Victorians, although we hope to plant new regional branches in due time.

Ours is a rapidly growing branch which is developing into a real community of mates through our participation in events celebrating and commemorating key days on the Australian calendar. Beyond the whole branch events, we also have special interest groups which allow our members to share skills and enjoy things like hiking and camping in the bush.

In a city renowned for its cosmopolitanism and “multiculturalism,” the ANA Melbourne Branch is the nucleus of a rising community of Native Australians who wish to recover and hold to the old Australian ways that have been pushed aside by the cultural hostility of the establishment and the imported alien class. Like the ANA of the 19th century, we are building a cadre of men who will be able to advance our interests in the areas of culture, business, and politics. Any patriotic Australian man is welcome to join our community, which has come to feel like a second home to many of our members.

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