Melbourne Branch founded on ANA’s 150th Anniversary

Celebrating 150 years since inception on the 24th of April, delegations from NSW, ACT and Victoria met in Albury for a leadership conference to officiate the re-establishment of the ANA in Victoria.

Following the ceremonial planting of a Acacia howitii (sticky wattle) in Albury the conference was held in which the strategies, aim and successes of the ANA were shared by members. The highlighting note was that of the personal impact membership of the fraternal organisation had had on peoples lives, the flourishing of a genuine sense of community in a trustworthy setting is a critical factor in the well-being of members.

The wattle planting was symbolic of the new relationship between branches. The growing wattle which is rooted in Australian soil endures all seasons and persists to expand its reach and continue on with its lineage.

Developing institutions that can be trusted to collect resources and support members in times of need and aid members in finding better employment has proven to be an invaluable asset to our community.

The Victorian branch of the ANA is centred in Melbourne as it stands although opportunity arises for smaller chapters in other regional centres of the state. If you’re interested in joining please leave an email at:

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