Is it about Optics or Honour?

Nativists embrace Australia’s cultural and ethnic heritage not because it’s strategically savvy but because we believe in doing justice to our cultural heritage. We have no interest in casting off the hard-won efforts of the hundreds of years leading to this point to embrace foreign ideology and symbolism.

Nationalism intrinsically works to the defense of the ethnocultural elements that are intrinsic to a nationality. Those who carbon-copy foreign symbolism, ideology and fetishize foreign personalities above those of our own venerable history have ceased to be Nationalists. Well-intentioned racialists who have transcended nationality and ethnicity which sees a stronger connection to the Klu Klux Klan or Hitler’s Third Reich than to Australia cannot be reconciled with an Australian-centric worldview. They, like many others are a product of globalisation.

Racialists are often borne of the city, raised inamongst linguistically and ethnically diverse districts they had been cut from Australia’s heritage at the outset. With no social efforts by the state or private education to do justice to Australia’s history, they walk in ignorance of its glory and have no connection to it. They rightly are outraged by what is a clear economic and social displacement of European-descent people in Australian society and from their ignorance of Australian history, and from pervasive peer-pressure from the pits of the internet – decide to embrace a pan-european racialist identity with no meaningful connection to Australia’s heritage.

Who can blame them? It is a hard task to be born and raised in todays day and still cultivate a romance for Australia. Our televisions, computers, mobile phones and all other tentacles of the global system pipe in foreign, subversive and morally depraved media at all hours of the day. Even the so-called redpilled sections of the internet are dominated with an unending stream of germanophilic national socialism, the organic nationalism of ‘race and place’ is drowned out by the relentless efforts of the siege-teens. We could not hold foreign fetishism against any man who has been born and raised apart from Australia’s heritage. We do maintain however that all men who would call themselves Nationalists in Australia have a positive moral duty to do justice to the heritage of this land and to personally dedicate themselves to cultivating a full and proper understanding of what Australia’s founding ideals were, and why they were so.

Nativists need not be ignorant of foreign ideology and culture. In small amounts we stand to benefit from an understanding of world history and stand greatly to gain from an understanding of British and European history to understand why Australia took the road it did in terms of politics and culture. Percy Stephensen was credited with asserting that foreign ideology can be like fertilizer to place around the trunk of the young Australian tree, too much of it would smother the tree to death. In this same way, the Nationalist in Australia must place a primacy in exploring the rich and lengthy history and literature of our people.

Had we been born in Germany or South Carolina, perhaps our so-called optics would be different, and more relevant to the history of those places. All men from all nations should do justice to their own heritage as they see fit. For us it is not only a moral imperative to do justice to Australia’s heritage but we also know it as a significant strategic advantage. As we advocate for our beliefs and interests we make reference to our national history which is inescapable to the people in this land. Every argument premised on our national history will carry with it a greater legitimacy than to any argument which could be extracted from the echoes of a foreign land.

Yours for Australia

M. K. Grant
Governor, Canberra

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