Endurance or Burnout

Among the most significant setbacks to the cause of Australian Nationalism in the last five decades has been the well-intentioned endeavor to focus entirely on a campaign to ‘agitate’ to victory. The view being held that the average citizen in Australia could be convinced to discard the system of international finance capital that has occupied their land through provocative argument and demonstration.

Key to this strategy is to ‘heighten the contradictions’ of society, to speak truth on issues of history and contemporary issues of economics, culture and society. It has been a long time coming, but for those of us who have now been around for the better part of a decade we have seen great heights of agitation and argument achieved but no meaningful change.

The average person in this country has demonstrated that with beer in the fridge and a working TV they cannot be motivated to take action that may personally inconvenience them. A notable portion of the country is so integrated with foreign interest, foreign women or otherwise, a Nationalist position is their very antithesis. They do not vote with their eyes closed, one only has to look at the degenerate federal and state parliaments to get a rough idea of the political view of the average Australian (if we even tolerate to call them Australians anymore).

Though the exciting years (particularly 2015-2016) we saw tidal waves of young, well-minded men come and go through nationalism – What could possibly be the issue? Endurance is not everlasting. People who dedicate themselves entirely to an activist lifestyle cannot bear it for long. The deprivation of other fundamentally important aspects of life like family, friends, career and hobby lead to the young advocate finding himself depressed, anxious and entrenching his disdain for the system with a general disdain for life itself.

It has rarely been the case in the ANA but we have seen it happen to many young men in other groups. These men entirely deplete themselves for their own pedigree of nationalism and ultimately burn out, never to be seen again. (Hello Sydney, how have you been?)

Sustainability for the continuation of our cause and struggle relies upon our people and our advocates living full lives in which politics plays a role in harmony with all of the other naturally important features of life. Achieving this end requires two key elements (1) Good culture in the organisation (2) Good administration of the organisation.

Nativist culture is a positive culture in our circles; we advocate not only for physical self improvement but moral self improvement also. Men ought to live free from the clutches of addiction, vice and scandal – They should walk with their chin up, working every day towards a fulfilling and morally upright existence in which they secure for themselves a home, a dearly loved wife and cherished children. It is truly our object that all men in the ANA defy the odds set before them in modernity to strive for the life which we seek to live.

Fundamental to a positive culture also is common decency and respect. Even though we may be staunch advocates for the cause of a White Australia we do not lose sight of the fact that every man is due basic dignity regardless of his ethnic origin. Unless a man has demonstrably done wrong he aught to be treated with fundamental courteousy. The hatemongering seen in others serves no purpose but to rotten the hearts of men and serve the system’s cause of discrediting patriots as anti-social ratbags. There is no question that some ethnic groups have a fundamental animosity to Australians and that we should act accordingly – we are however pursuing our aims with the knowledge that we wish that all might live amongst their own kin in peace and prosperity.

Hard times have come, and they look to worsen – a challenge is set before all Nativist men out there to spend the time to help each-other, to provide support, guidance and encouragement through the challenges of life. As we have always done, please look out for eachother and as Calwell said – Be Just and Fear Not.

M. K. Grant
Governor, Canberra.

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