Australian Natives Association First Annual General Meeting 2018

The Australian Natives Association will decide on the 2nd of October the final revision of its constitution to go before the Australian Government for incorporation. It too will make final its elections of vice-president, treasurer and general secretary. The Fraternal Organisation which we have operated for more than three years now has had many ups and downs, feuds and fun – but ultimately we have retained our stability and unity of purpose.

It is with great honor we can proudly declare that we will retain our sovereignty from other inter-state fraternal organisations, as a matter of principle we have maintained our stability and strength from the resources and charity of our own membership and circumstances. All members who vow for membership on the night will be sworn in as Fraternal Brothers of the Australian Natives Association and will begin on furthering their path in the establishment of a high-trusting charitable brotherhood for native-born Australians of European descent.

If you have any propositions for changes to the constitution it would be best advised you put them and writing and submit them to the Fraternity President on the night so the changes may be debated upon and voted upon by the full membership of the fraternal organisation.

If you have any questions, Do not hesitate to contact


M. K. Grant
A.N.A President