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3. Recognition and encouragement of high ideals of national life and character. and the stimulation of Australian literature, art, science and industry - A.N.A's third object


While the Billy Boils, Henry Lawson

Kangaroo, David Herbert Lawrence

The Australian Crisis, Kirmess, C. H.

White or Yellow? The Race War of 1908 AD, William Lane

Voss, Patrick White

Australia and the Wider World, Neville Meany

Happy Dispatches by Banjo Paterson

The Workingman's Paradise - William Lane


The Growth of Labour Hire Employment in Australia

Keynes and Australia

The Cult of Protectionism in Australia

How fair is Australia’s welfare state?

Can Australia Match U.S Productivity Performance?

Australia's Experiment in Communism - Jack Lang

Australia's Bankrupt Chinese Furniture MANUFACTURERS, 1880–1930


Big Australia

Family & Community

Family Decline - AIFS


The Communist Party of Australia and immigration restriction

Throwaway Labour - Islanders/Kanaka Labour in Queensland

Chinese Litigants and the History of Immigration

Chinese Miners, Headmen, and Protectors on the Victorian Goldfields, 1853 Á 1863

An ANZAC on the Western Front: The Personal Reflections of an Australian Infantryman From 1916 to 1918

A Tribute to Australian Valour by Billy Hughes

Cosmopolitans and Patriots - Katharine Betts

Australia Pocket Guide (U.S War Department)

Billy Hughes' Great Race

Lenin can't get into Australia Lenin's 1913 Letter regarding Australian Labor

Saving Australia, Curtin's Secret Peace

Curtin's Empire

Breeding out the Colour

Advanced Australia; a short account of Australia on the eve of federation

Australia, its history and present condition

The Naval Pioneers of Australia, Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery

History Of Australia For Commonwealth School, J.P. Chard

A Short History of Australia, Ernest Scott

Town Life in Australia, Richard Ernest & Nowell Twopeny

The Discovery of Australia, G. Arnold Wood

The Exploration of Australia 1844-1896

Reminiscences of Australia: Diggings and the Bush, Mrs. W. May Howell

The Commonwealth of Australia Dedicated to Alfred Deakin, Bernhard Ringrose Wise

Land Utilization In Australia by S.M. Wadham and G.L. Wood

The British Empire In Australia: An Economic History 1834-1939 by Brian Fitzpatrick

Government In Australia: Selected Readings by F.A. Bland

Migration to Australia

Australia Unlimited, Edwin J. Brady "Books on Australian history have too often begun with a dirge and ended with an apology. Australia Unlimited, to be in keeping with its subject, should open with an anthem and close with a march of triumph. If twenty years' close personal study of a country be time enough to form correct conclusions, then the writer of this volume should be competent to offer a compilation of some value. The body of the material for Australia Unlimited has not been gathered from printed pages, but collected carefully, State by State, district by district, mile by mile, year after year, from the wide circle of a continent—a continent of potentialities still unrealized, for Australia is yet like a flower in the seed, or a song written—but unsung."

Successful Exploration though the interior of AUSTRALIA from Melbourne to the gulf of Carpentaria by William John Wills

My Experiences In Australia by a Lady

Australia by W. K. Hancock (Part of a series in 'The Modern World a Survey of Historical Forces')

Australia J.W. Gregory "The Manuscript of this book was completed on the way home from my fourth visit to Australia in 1914. It's publication has been delayed by the War in which Australia has joined so nobly, and her forces have fought so heroically and successfully. The statistics quoted are not now the latest available. but it has not seemed advisable to alter them since they illustrate the normal conditions of Australia better than those of the last three years" - J.W.G."

Romance of Empire: Australia by W.H. Lang

Australia. by John Foster Vesey Fitzgerald

Australia: A Study of warm environments and their effect on British Settlement by Griffith Taylor

An Economic History of Australia By Edward Shann

The White Australia Policy, the British Empire, and the World by David Atkinson

British Imperial Influences in the Foundation of the White Australia Policy by R. Lockwood

Chinese Exclusion in Australia in The North American Review by Hugh H. Lusk

Fifty Years in the Making of Australian History Vol 1. SIR HENRY PARKES

Fifty Years in the Making of Australian History Vol 2. SIR HENRY PARKES

Becoming Australians : the movement towards federation in Ballarat and the nation Wakefield Press, 2001