Our Own For Our Own

The Australian Natives Association is a patriotically inclined Fraternal Organisation for the advancement of the social, political and moral conditions of its membership. A non-for-profit association for self-help and charity between native-born and naturalised Australians of European descent.

Fraternal Benefit

The A.N.A makes available to members assistance in times of hardship; loans to re-skill to find employment, gifts to new families and other forms of assistance managed by the elected committee. The association in the longer term will be looking to other forms of mutual assistance like income insurance protection services and superannuation management.

The slogan ‘Our own for Our Own’ depicts the spirit of mutual charity and welfare between members to see to the wellbeing of our community.

Australia for the Australians

The ANA calls for the recognition and encouragement of high ideals of national life and character and the stimulation of Australian literature, art, science and industry. We call for the advancement of Nativism, that is an unapologetic advancement of the cultural and political idealism that was conferred upon us by our founding fathers and has organically developed in a way that is relevant to, and for the benefit of Australian people.

Why Join?

We have heard members say ‘My old friends have become acquaintances and my acquaintances in the A.N.A have become my true friends.’

The A.N.A is all about advocacy for Australian idealism and the building of meaningful local community. We act to enhance the life opportunities of all of our members in order to live honorable and fulfilling lives – to each member a meaningful career, a family and a home. Our regular activities include group dinners, bush-walking, gym and fitness, hunting, conservation work and tidying up region. If you want to participate, drop us a line.