Our Own For Our Own

The Australian Natives Association is a patriotically inclined Fraternal Organisation for the advancement of the social, political and moral circumstances of its membership; seeking to develop a non-for-profit community of self-help and charity for native-born Australians of European descent and those others of European descent dedicated to becoming naturalised Australians and planting their roots in our soil – cultivating a genuine and meaningful community sentiment in-amongst the modern world devoid of any sense of Australian ethnic solidarity.

Native Australian Identity

  • We believe that the concept of ‘Australia’ as a nation is fundamentally European in its origin and nature, and that only European-descent peoples can be truly native to Australia.
  • We believe that British & European culture in Australia has cross-pollinated and produced a unique and distinct cultural-ethnic identity that is relevant to the time, place and circumstance of Australia – We thereby identify foremost as Australians and not any other ethnic identity.
  • We promote and advance the Recognition and encouragement of high ideals of national life and character and the stimulation of Australian literature, art, science and industry


The Australian Natives Association is not a political party; it is not a ‘street activist’ organisation – it is a fraternal organisation in its outlook, programme and chief aim: as it was with the original Australian Natives Association founded in 1871; the ANA is open to men of all political stripes so long as the benefit and advancement of Australians is their foremost aim enshrined in their ultimate belief in a White & Sovereign Australia.

Why Join?

We have heard members say ‘My old friends have become acquaintances and my acquaintances in the A.N.A have become my true friends.’

The A.N.A is really all about building a local community that is meaningful, giving our members a true pool of good friends and partners through life: Despite our regularly scheduled dinners and meetups the ANA engages in all sorts of activities like bush-walking, gym, hunting & tidying up our region.

You as a member will break into our crowd and be able to strike up meaningful friendships with members from all over the region; cultivating a positive masculine peer-community that strives to keep its members on the straight and narrow. (and have a good time doing-so)